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Best grip size setting for dynamometer

By @GripMeterApp

Published on: Sat Feb 25 2023

Best grip size setting for dynamometer

Common Practice

The instructions commonly used in grip strength surveys is that the second joint of the index finger should be at 90 degrees with the handle when squeezing the handle. Please note that the dynamometers used in those settings are usually isometric (the handle does not move at all when squeezed).

index finger at right-angle grip size demo

Ergonomic Considerations

Some of the most common type of dynamometers today include a compression spring, which can improve the ergonomics of using the dynamometer but it means the squeezing is not (as much) isometric. In order to ensure good comparability of your measurements we recommend that you initially experiment to find your most natural grip and that you do not change your grip width adjustments afterwards.

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