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Grip Strength Norms

Grip Strength Norms

Demographic grip strength norms based on gender, age as well as height.

What are grip strength norms?

Grip strength is a vital biomarker of overall physical health and vitality. There have been several large scale population surveys to establish grip strength norms to assist in assessing people's health. The norms used here were chosen specifically because the data has been analyzed to also take account of a person's height.

Most norms have ignored height, however studies have shown a 2-4 kg (~5-10 lbs) increase in hand grip strength per 10 cm (~4 inches) increase in height. Not incorporating height in understanding your grip strength can thus lead to false confidence or unnecessary worry.

The "strength" number is the average of the maximum grip strength of both hands. Typically, a person's dominant hand should not be more than 10% stronger than their non-dominant hand.

These are the same norms that are used in our Grip Calculator tool (and the Grip Meter app). By entering your data in those tools you will also automatically see your percentile ranking.

One hand average grip strength norms grouped by gender, age and height


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Avg. Strength
top 10%
bottom 10%
Standard Deviation (SD)
Male17–19160–164 cm44.6 kg57 kg32.2 kg9.7 kg
Male17–19165–169 cm45.1 kg57.5 kg32.7 kg9.7 kg
Male17–19170–174 cm46.5 kg58.8 kg34.2 kg9.6 kg
Male17–19175–179 cm47.5 kg59.9 kg35.1 kg9.7 kg
Male17–19180–184 cm48.5 kg60.9 kg36.1 kg9.7 kg
Male17–19185–189 cm49.3 kg61.7 kg36.9 kg9.7 kg
Male17–19190+ cm50.4 kg62.8 kg38 kg9.7 kg
Male20–24160–164 cm47 kg57.5 kg36.5 kg8.2 kg
Male20–24165–169 cm47.8 kg58.4 kg37.2 kg8.3 kg
Male20–24170–174 cm49.1 kg59.7 kg38.5 kg8.3 kg
Male20–24175–179 cm50.3 kg60.9 kg39.7 kg8.3 kg
Male20–24180–184 cm51.2 kg61.8 kg40.6 kg8.3 kg
Male20–24185–189 cm51.8 kg62.4 kg41.2 kg8.3 kg
Male20–24190+ cm52.7 kg63.3 kg42.1 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29160–164 cm49.4 kg60 kg38.8 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29165–169 cm49.9 kg60.5 kg39.3 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29170–174 cm50.9 kg61.5 kg40.3 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29175–179 cm51.9 kg62.5 kg41.3 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29180–184 cm52.8 kg63.4 kg42.2 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29185–189 cm54.2 kg64.8 kg43.6 kg8.3 kg
Male25–29190+ cm56.2 kg66.8 kg45.6 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34160–164 cm51.1 kg61.7 kg40.5 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34165–169 cm51.8 kg62.4 kg41.2 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34170–174 cm52.6 kg63.2 kg42 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34175–179 cm53.5 kg64.1 kg42.9 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34180–184 cm54.5 kg65.1 kg43.9 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34185–189 cm55.9 kg66.5 kg45.3 kg8.3 kg
Male30–34190+ cm57.3 kg67.9 kg46.7 kg8.3 kg
Male35–39160–164 cm47.8 kg60.4 kg35.2 kg9.8 kg
Male35–39165–169 cm50.2 kg62.8 kg37.6 kg9.8 kg
Male35–39170–174 cm52 kg64.6 kg39.4 kg9.8 kg
Male35–39175–179 cm53.6 kg66.2 kg41 kg9.8 kg
Male35–39180–184 cm54.9 kg67.5 kg42.3 kg9.8 kg
Male35–39185–189 cm56.1 kg68.7 kg43.5 kg9.8 kg
Male35–39190+ cm57.2 kg69.6 kg44.8 kg9.7 kg
Male40–44160–164 cm47.9 kg59.8 kg36 kg9.3 kg
Male40–44165–169 cm49.9 kg61.8 kg38 kg9.3 kg
Male40–44170–174 cm51.8 kg63.7 kg39.9 kg9.3 kg
Male40–44175–179 cm53.4 kg65.4 kg41.4 kg9.4 kg
Male40–44180–184 cm54.5 kg66.4 kg42.6 kg9.3 kg
Male40–44185–189 cm55.8 kg67.8 kg43.8 kg9.4 kg
Male40–44190+ cm56.9 kg68.8 kg45 kg9.3 kg
Male45–49160–164 cm48.2 kg59.1 kg37.3 kg8.5 kg
Male45–49165–169 cm50 kg60.9 kg39.1 kg8.5 kg
Male45–49170–174 cm51.6 kg62.5 kg40.7 kg8.5 kg
Male45–49175–179 cm53 kg64 kg42 kg8.6 kg
Male45–49180–184 cm54.2 kg65.1 kg43.3 kg8.5 kg
Male45–49185–189 cm55.4 kg66.4 kg44.4 kg8.6 kg
Male45–49190+ cm56.4 kg67.3 kg45.5 kg8.5 kg
Male50–54160–164 cm45.9 kg56.8 kg35 kg8.5 kg
Male50–54165–169 cm47.7 kg58.6 kg36.8 kg8.5 kg
Male50–54170–174 cm49.4 kg60.4 kg38.4 kg8.6 kg
Male50–54175–179 cm50.9 kg61.8 kg40 kg8.5 kg
Male50–54180–184 cm52.1 kg63 kg41.2 kg8.5 kg
Male50–54185–189 cm53.1 kg64.1 kg42.1 kg8.6 kg
Male50–54190+ cm54.1 kg65.1 kg43.1 kg8.6 kg
Male55–59160–164 cm42.8 kg53.7 kg31.9 kg8.5 kg
Male55–59165–169 cm45.1 kg56 kg34.2 kg8.5 kg
Male55–59170–174 cm47.4 kg58.3 kg36.5 kg8.5 kg
Male55–59175–179 cm49.3 kg60.1 kg38.5 kg8.4 kg
Male55–59180–184 cm51.1 kg62 kg40.2 kg8.5 kg
Male55–59185–189 cm52.4 kg63.3 kg41.5 kg8.5 kg
Male55–59190+ cm53.5 kg64.3 kg42.7 kg8.4 kg
Male60–64160–164 cm41 kg51.9 kg30.1 kg8.5 kg
Male60–64165–169 cm43.2 kg54.1 kg32.3 kg8.5 kg
Male60–64170–174 cm45.7 kg56.5 kg34.9 kg8.4 kg
Male60–64175–179 cm47.6 kg58.5 kg36.7 kg8.5 kg
Male60–64180–184 cm49.2 kg60.1 kg38.3 kg8.5 kg
Male60–64185–189 cm50.7 kg61.6 kg39.8 kg8.5 kg
Male60–64190+ cm52 kg62.9 kg41.1 kg8.5 kg
Male65–69160–164 cm40.2 kg49.7 kg30.7 kg7.4 kg
Male65–69165–169 cm42 kg51.5 kg32.5 kg7.4 kg
Male65–69170–174 cm43.6 kg53 kg34.2 kg7.3 kg
Male65–69175–179 cm45.3 kg54.8 kg35.8 kg7.4 kg
Male65–69180–184 cm46.9 kg56.3 kg37.5 kg7.3 kg
Male65–69185–189 cm48.9 kg58.3 kg39.5 kg7.3 kg
Male65–69190+ cm50.6 kg60.1 kg41.1 kg7.4 kg
Male70–74160–164 cm37.2 kg46.9 kg27.5 kg7.6 kg
Male70–74165–169 cm39.1 kg48.8 kg29.4 kg7.6 kg
Male70–74170–174 cm41.1 kg50.8 kg31.4 kg7.6 kg
Male70–74175–179 cm42.7 kg52.3 kg33.1 kg7.5 kg
Male70–74180–184 cm44.4 kg54.1 kg34.7 kg7.6 kg
Male70–74185–189 cm46.4 kg56 kg36.8 kg7.5 kg
Male70–74190+ cm47.6 kg57.3 kg37.9 kg7.6 kg
Male75–79160–164 cm34.7 kg44.8 kg24.6 kg7.9 kg
Male75–79165–169 cm35.9 kg46 kg25.8 kg7.9 kg
Male75–79170–174 cm37.5 kg47.6 kg27.4 kg7.9 kg
Male75–79175–179 cm39 kg49.1 kg28.9 kg7.9 kg
Male75–79180–184 cm40.6 kg50.7 kg30.5 kg7.9 kg
Male75–79185–189 cm42.7 kg52.8 kg32.6 kg7.9 kg
Male75–79190+ cm45.4 kg55.5 kg35.3 kg7.9 kg
Male80–90160–164 cm29.1 kg38.7 kg19.5 kg7.5 kg
Male80–90165–169 cm31.2 kg40.9 kg21.5 kg7.6 kg
Male80–90170–174 cm33 kg42.7 kg23.3 kg7.6 kg
Male80–90175–179 cm34 kg43.7 kg24.3 kg7.6 kg
Male80–90180–184 cm35.8 kg45.4 kg26.2 kg7.5 kg
Male80–90185–189 cm39.5 kg49.1 kg29.9 kg7.5 kg
Male80–90190+ cm40.9 kg50.6 kg31.2 kg7.6 kg
Female17–19150–154 cm27.8 kg35.7 kg19.9 kg6.2 kg
Female17–19155–159 cm29.2 kg37.3 kg21.1 kg6.3 kg
Female17–19160–164 cm30.2 kg38.1 kg22.3 kg6.2 kg
Female17–19165–169 cm31.2 kg39.1 kg23.3 kg6.2 kg
Female17–19170–174 cm32.2 kg40.1 kg24.3 kg6.2 kg
Female17–19175–179 cm33 kg41.1 kg24.9 kg6.3 kg
Female17–19180–184 cm33.8 kg41.7 kg25.9 kg6.2 kg
Female20–24150–154 cm29.1 kg36 kg22.2 kg5.4 kg
Female20–24155–159 cm30.2 kg37.1 kg23.3 kg5.4 kg
Female20–24160–164 cm31.5 kg38.4 kg24.6 kg5.4 kg
Female20–24165–169 cm32.5 kg39.4 kg25.6 kg5.4 kg
Female20–24170–174 cm33.4 kg40.3 kg26.5 kg5.4 kg
Female20–24175–179 cm34.5 kg41.5 kg27.5 kg5.5 kg
Female20–24180–184 cm35 kg41.9 kg28.1 kg5.4 kg
Female25–29150–154 cm30.8 kg38 kg23.6 kg5.6 kg
Female25–29155–159 cm31.5 kg38.7 kg24.3 kg5.6 kg
Female25–29160–164 cm32.3 kg39.5 kg25.1 kg5.6 kg
Female25–29165–169 cm33.3 kg40.5 kg26.1 kg5.6 kg
Female25–29170–174 cm34.2 kg41.4 kg27 kg5.6 kg
Female25–29175–179 cm35.3 kg42.5 kg28.1 kg5.6 kg
Female25–29180–184 cm36.4 kg43.6 kg29.2 kg5.6 kg
Female30–34150–154 cm31.4 kg38.8 kg24 kg5.8 kg
Female30–34155–159 cm32 kg39.4 kg24.6 kg5.8 kg
Female30–34160–164 cm32.7 kg40.1 kg25.3 kg5.8 kg
Female30–34165–169 cm33.7 kg41.1 kg26.3 kg5.8 kg
Female30–34170–174 cm34.6 kg42 kg27.2 kg5.8 kg
Female30–34175–179 cm35.8 kg43.2 kg28.4 kg5.8 kg
Female30–34180–184 cm37 kg44.4 kg29.6 kg5.8 kg
Female35–39150–154 cm31 kg38.9 kg23.1 kg6.2 kg
Female35–39155–159 cm32.2 kg40 kg24.4 kg6.1 kg
Female35–39160–164 cm33.2 kg41.1 kg25.3 kg6.2 kg
Female35–39165–169 cm34.3 kg42.1 kg26.5 kg6.1 kg
Female35–39170–174 cm35.3 kg43.2 kg27.4 kg6.2 kg
Female35–39175–179 cm36.5 kg44.4 kg28.6 kg6.2 kg
Female35–39180–184 cm37.6 kg45.5 kg29.7 kg6.2 kg
Female40–44150–154 cm31.5 kg39.4 kg23.6 kg6.2 kg
Female40–44155–159 cm32.7 kg40.8 kg24.6 kg6.3 kg
Female40–44160–164 cm33.7 kg41.8 kg25.6 kg6.3 kg
Female40–44165–169 cm34.8 kg42.7 kg26.9 kg6.2 kg
Female40–44170–174 cm35.8 kg43.7 kg27.9 kg6.2 kg
Female40–44175–179 cm37.1 kg45.2 kg29 kg6.3 kg
Female40–44180–184 cm38 kg45.9 kg30.1 kg6.2 kg
Female45–49150–154 cm29.8 kg37.6 kg22 kg6.1 kg
Female45–49155–159 cm31.4 kg39.2 kg23.6 kg6.1 kg
Female45–49160–164 cm32.8 kg40.6 kg25 kg6.1 kg
Female45–49165–169 cm34.1 kg41.9 kg26.3 kg6.1 kg
Female45–49170–174 cm35.2 kg43 kg27.4 kg6.1 kg
Female45–49175–179 cm36.2 kg44 kg28.4 kg6.1 kg
Female45–49180–184 cm37 kg44.8 kg29.2 kg6.1 kg
Female50–54150–154 cm28.2 kg35.8 kg20.6 kg5.9 kg
Female50–54155–159 cm30.1 kg37.7 kg22.5 kg5.9 kg
Female50–54160–164 cm31.5 kg39.1 kg23.9 kg5.9 kg
Female50–54165–169 cm32.9 kg40.5 kg25.3 kg5.9 kg
Female50–54170–174 cm33.9 kg41.5 kg26.3 kg5.9 kg
Female50–54175–179 cm35.2 kg42.8 kg27.6 kg5.9 kg
Female50–54180–184 cm35.6 kg43.2 kg28 kg5.9 kg
Female55–59150–154 cm26.9 kg33.9 kg19.9 kg5.5 kg
Female55–59155–159 cm28.8 kg35.8 kg21.8 kg5.5 kg
Female55–59160–164 cm30.2 kg37.2 kg23.2 kg5.5 kg
Female55–59165–169 cm31.2 kg38.2 kg24.2 kg5.5 kg
Female55–59170–174 cm32 kg39 kg25 kg5.5 kg
Female55–59175–179 cm32.5 kg39.5 kg25.5 kg5.5 kg
Female55–59180–184 cm32.9 kg39.9 kg25.9 kg5.5 kg
Female60–64150–154 cm25.8 kg32.6 kg19 kg5.3 kg
Female60–64155–159 cm27.4 kg34.2 kg20.6 kg5.3 kg
Female60–64160–164 cm28.9 kg35.7 kg22.1 kg5.3 kg
Female60–64165–169 cm29.9 kg36.7 kg23.1 kg5.3 kg
Female60–64170–174 cm30.6 kg37.3 kg23.9 kg5.2 kg
Female60–64175–179 cm31.3 kg38.1 kg24.5 kg5.3 kg
Female60–64180–184 cm31.5 kg38.3 kg24.7 kg5.3 kg
Female65–69150–154 cm24.5 kg31.2 kg17.8 kg5.2 kg
Female65–69155–159 cm26.2 kg32.9 kg19.5 kg5.2 kg
Female65–69160–164 cm27.5 kg34.2 kg20.8 kg5.2 kg
Female65–69165–169 cm28.6 kg35.3 kg21.9 kg5.2 kg
Female65–69170–174 cm29.5 kg36.2 kg22.8 kg5.2 kg
Female65–69175–179 cm30.3 kg37 kg23.6 kg5.2 kg
Female65–69180–184 cm30.5 kg37.2 kg23.8 kg5.2 kg
Female70–74150–154 cm23.4 kg29.7 kg17.1 kg4.9 kg
Female70–74155–159 cm24.7 kg31 kg18.4 kg4.9 kg
Female70–74160–164 cm26.1 kg32.4 kg19.8 kg4.9 kg
Female70–74165–169 cm27.3 kg33.6 kg21 kg4.9 kg
Female70–74170–174 cm28.1 kg34.4 kg21.8 kg4.9 kg
Female70–74175–179 cm28.7 kg35 kg22.4 kg4.9 kg
Female70–74180–184 cm29.2 kg35.5 kg22.9 kg4.9 kg
Female75–79150–154 cm22.7 kg28.5 kg16.9 kg4.5 kg
Female75–79155–159 cm23.3 kg29.1 kg17.5 kg4.5 kg
Female75–79160–164 cm24 kg29.8 kg18.2 kg4.5 kg
Female75–79165–169 cm24.9 kg30.7 kg19.1 kg4.5 kg
Female75–79170–174 cm26.1 kg31.9 kg20.3 kg4.5 kg
Female75–79175–179 cm27.6 kg33.4 kg21.8 kg4.5 kg
Female75–79180–184 cm28.9 kg34.7 kg23.1 kg4.5 kg
Female80–90150–154 cm19.9 kg25 kg14.8 kg4 kg
Female80–90155–159 cm20.4 kg25.5 kg15.3 kg4 kg
Female80–90160–164 cm21.2 kg26.5 kg15.9 kg4.1 kg
Female80–90165–169 cm22.1 kg27.4 kg16.8 kg4.1 kg
Female80–90170–174 cm23.8 kg29.1 kg18.5 kg4.1 kg
Female80–90175–179 cm23 kg28.1 kg17.9 kg4 kg
Female80–90180–184 cm kg0 kg0 kg0 kg

One hand average grip strength norms grouped by gender and age (NO height)


Filter Gender

Filter Age

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  • %
  • kg
Avg. Strength
top 10%
bottom 10%
Standard Deviation (SD)
Male17–1948.3 kg60.6 kg36 kg9.6 kg
Male20–2450.7 kg61.2 kg40.2 kg8.2 kg
Male25–2952.4 kg63 kg41.8 kg8.3 kg
Male30–3453.6 kg64.1 kg43.1 kg8.2 kg
Male35–3953.4 kg66 kg40.8 kg9.8 kg
Male40–4453.8 kg65.7 kg41.9 kg9.3 kg
Male45–4952.9 kg63.7 kg42.1 kg8.4 kg
Male50–5450.4 kg61.2 kg39.6 kg8.4 kg
Male55–5949.1 kg60 kg38.2 kg8.5 kg
Male60–6446.3 kg57.1 kg35.5 kg8.4 kg
Male65–6944.1 kg53.5 kg34.7 kg7.3 kg
Male70–7441.7 kg51.4 kg32 kg7.6 kg
Male75–7937.8 kg47.9 kg27.7 kg7.9 kg
Male80–9033.2 kg42.8 kg23.6 kg7.5 kg
Female17–1931.5 kg39.4 kg23.6 kg6.2 kg
Female20–2432.5 kg39.4 kg25.6 kg5.4 kg
Female25–2933.6 kg40.8 kg26.4 kg5.6 kg
Female30–3433.3 kg40.7 kg25.9 kg5.8 kg
Female35–3934.2 kg42.1 kg26.3 kg6.2 kg
Female40–4434.5 kg42.6 kg26.4 kg6.3 kg
Female45–4933.4 kg41.2 kg25.6 kg6.1 kg
Female50–5432.2 kg39.8 kg24.6 kg5.9 kg
Female55–5930 kg37 kg23 kg5.5 kg
Female60–6429 kg35.8 kg22.2 kg5.3 kg
Female65–6927.6 kg34.3 kg20.9 kg5.2 kg
Female70–7426 kg32.3 kg19.7 kg4.9 kg
Female75–7924.2 kg30 kg18.4 kg4.5 kg
Female80–9021.4 kg26.7 kg16.1 kg4.1 kg

Grip Measurement Instructions

Hand grip strength is measured with a device called a hand grip dynamometer. Most dynamometers are fairly accurate and produce similar measurements.

These norms were obtained by measuring grip strength in the following position:

  • standing,
  • upper arm next to torso,
  • elbow at a right angle,
  • squeezing as hard as possible for 3-5 seconds,
  • record the maximum value for both left and right hand.

It can be helpful to retry measuring your max after a 1 min break, especially if you are not used to regularly using the grip dynamometer. Performing the measurement with the elbow extended (not at right angle) is likely to produce a somewhat higher maximum grip strength (~2% more).1

Study and Data Source

These norms are based on the SOEP survey and a 2016 study2 based on its data. Data is from five waves of the German Socio-Economic Panel (2006–2014). It involved a total of 11,790 persons living in Germany (providing 25,285 observations).


1. Kolimechkov, Stefan & Castro-Piñero, José & Petrov, Lubomir & Alexandrova, Albena. (2020). The effect of elbow position on the handgrip strength test in children: validity and reliability of TKK 5101 and DynX dynamometers. Pedagogy of Physical Culture and Sports. 24. 240-247. 10.15561/26649837.2020.0504.

2. Steiber N (2016) Strong or Weak Handgrip? Normative Reference Values for the German Population across the Life Course Stratified by Sex, Age, and Body Height. PLoS ONE 11(10): e0163917. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0163917

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