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Grip Calculator is launched

By @GripMeterApp

Published on: Sat Nov 26 2022

Grip Calculator is launched


Great research and large scale grip strength surverys have been done over the past 20 years, however, there are few online resources that have made this information easily accessible to the public. In addition, we want to make a resource that is interactive in relation to a person's own grip strength measurements. That is the goal of the Grip Calculator.

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The calculator will provide personalized insights as soon as you enter the max grip strength of your left and right hand. By entering your gender, age and height you will get a more refined and accurate comparison to your peer group. Most grip strength norms in the past did not account for a person's height, however, given the known correlation with height we recommend that it is best to assess your strength not just within your age and gender but to also take height into account.


  • Easy to use both using metric (kg, cm) as well as American (lbs, feet, inches) units.
  • Easy to save/share results. Just copy the page URL (the website address in the top bar in the browser) to save or shar e the results of your information in the grip calculator. This data is only stored locally within your browser and what info you enter in the calculator is not collected by us.
  • Using the calculator it is possible to better compare your grip strength relative to someone of a different gender, age, and/or height. You might be weaker in absolute terms but you might be stronger relative to your own peer group. For example, a 162 cm (5' 4") 42 year old woman with a 38 kg (84 lbs) grip strength is stronger than 75% of her peers but a 177 cm (5' 10") man of the same age with a grip strength of 44 kg (97 lbs) is only stronger than 16% of his peer group.

Example: female, 162 cm (5' 4") 42 yrs with 38 kg (84 lbs) avg. hand grip strengthpercentile graph for female, 42 yr. old, 162 cm, 38kg grip strength

Example: male, 177 cm (5' 10") 42 yrs with 44 kg (97 lbs) avg. hand grip strengthpercentile graph for male, 42 yr. old, 177 cm, 44kg grip strength

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